One and Three Day Sessions

Workshops can be delivered at locations worldwide and will be customized to meet your organizations needs.


Our workshops are presented in three and one day intensive learning experiences to help you retain and integrate mindful practices in to everyday living.

Workshops Include:

Mindfulness and Meditation (1 Day)

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation if you are considering beginning a longer and more sustained practice.

Mindfulness and Healing (1 Day)

In this workshop you will be introduced to mindfulness and meditation practice that will assist you in beginning a journey towards mindful living. This workshop is a beginning step and is meant as an introduction.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to self-manage feelings and stress and the capability to understand others. According to Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a stronger indicator of success than IQ. In these dynamic and engaging workshops you will learn ways to further develop emotional intelligence and create opportunities for: self-awareness and awareness of others, developing cohesive and productive teams, understanding your stress triggers and finding work-life balance and effective ways to communicate and manage conflict.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops (each workshop is three hours)

  • Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Self and Others through Emotional Intelligence and Personality Dimensions
  • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Wren Leadership also offers more in-depth Emotional Intelligence workshops that further help to develop teams through planning and coaching with the elements of EI.

Personality Dimensions (0.5 Day)

Personality Dimensions® creates a framework with which to establish and communicate goals and expectations. These fun and engaging workshops highlight the values and strengths each person brings, and reinforces these in a positive framework for everyone. The goals of each session are to build the grounds for an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect; increased communication; and the development of strong relationships within the work environment and beyond.

Using the philosophy of understanding yourself and others, Personality Dimensions® motivates and inspires team members to boost effectiveness. By the end of a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop, participants will have a better understanding of themselves, appreciate why others act the way they do, and understand the effect this has on workplace roles and responsibilities.

Wren Leadership also offers more in-depth Personality Dimensions workshops that further help to develop teams through planning and coaching with the elements of Personality Dimensions.

Leading Your Team (3 Days)

Learn how to build community and inclusion with your team. Building this kind of safe workplace will enable your staff to feel valued so that they will want to participate fully and commit to their organization. When people feel safe and included, creativity flows and workplace happiness grows. Providing a safe inclusive work environment will also increase productivity through staff commitment. This workshop works very well with intact teams.

Mindful Communication and Conflict Resolution for the Workplace (3 Days)

Learn effective and proactive communication strategies to create healthy and fulfilling personal and professional relationships. You will also learn to identify the essence of conflict and proactive conflict management and resolution strategies.

How to Train: Creative and Effective Teaching Strategies for Work Place Trainers (3 Days)

This workshop is designed specifically for people who are engaged in training employees or train-the-trainer models. You will learn about the variety of ways people learn, effective instructional strategies, lesson and unit design, assessment and evaluation, feedback, motivation, framing questions, graphic organizers, managing your participants and effective culminating tasks.

Integration of Creativity and Play in the Workplace (1 Day)

In this workshop you will experience various types of play activities that will increase creativity, fun and engagement in the workplace. These activities will also be valuable tools for building inclusion among staff and can be used to facilitate meetings in a more meaningful way.

Your Investment

Jackie offers a range of professional development opportunities for organizations that can be delivered in various formats and at various lengths, from a full-day or a series of workshops to a keynote, breakout or lunch and learn.
Each talk is curated to meet each organizations’ needs.

Jackie is happy to work within your budget and custom design workshops or talks for your group that meet your financial needs.

Contact Jackie today to discuss timing, options and fee structures. You can reach her at:
e: info@wrenleadership.com t: +1 (647) 994-6562