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Inspiring mindful leaders

ackie has had a wide range of personal and professional experiences that she weaves together into inspirational talks suitable for all audiences. She is best known for her authenticity and sincere truth-telling as she encourages people to find their inner wisdom by understanding themselves and others.

Jackie is a vivacious, dynamic and experienced speaker who captivates and engages audiences of all sizes. Whether the group is small in an intimate setting or a large audience, Jackie connects with each person, making them feel like they are the only person in the room. She speaks form her heart and is unafraid to be vulnerable foe the inspiration of her audience.

Jackie is a gifted storyteller who challenges her audience to step outside of their comfort zone and to take risks so they can find their greatness. Her talks are filled with wisdom, humour, compassion and compelling and provocative information. She quickly draws her audience in as she entwines her knowledge and experience into a memorable and inspirational event.

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom Through the Power of Mindfulness

In this frantic world of work, meetings, emails, phone calls, home and social responsibilities it is all-too-easy to get caught in the stress loop. We often fall into the trap of rumination on the past or projection into the future. Keeping this pace has long term effects that often take a physical and emotional toll on us. Jackie understands the challenges associated with this whirlwind life and has learned that mindfulness is a means to living a fulfilled life. In this talk, Jackie shares her healing journey and the vast research on mindfulness practices.

Surviving and Thriving: Leadership Lessons from a Painful Past

Understanding our inner strength and power has roots in our past experiences. Understanding these roots and the lessons we learned can either keep us stuck in places while we listen to the saboteurs that grew out of our past or they can inspire and motivate us to move forward; to survive and thrive. In this talk, Jackie shares leadership lessons learned from a painful past and provides the audience with the tools for quieting the saboteurs and finding your inner leader.

Silencing the Critic and Freeing Yourself for Possibility

Most people do not like to be criticized. Criticism takes several forms and yet the outcome is often the same. We feel exceedingly disrespected, demoralized and shut down. We tell ourselves that the critic is simply rude and lacking empathy. We try not to take it personally. Yet criticism triggers our inner child and sends us reeling into self-doubt. We hear our saboteurs screaming, "You don't deserve to be heard" or "You are not worthy".

At other times, there is no other person involved. It is just our own inner critic, the one with the death hold on our self-esteem. This all-too-familiar critic is that inner voice who constantly seems to be stalking us from deep inside the darkness of our own minds.

Educators are faced with critics every single day. People often feel it is open-season on educators because everyone seems to think they "know better". This talk is designed to help you turn the tables on these soul-sucking gremlins so that you regain your power. You are going to learn ways to re-write the script, transforming yourself into a strong and confident individual who will be able to handle the critic and to help others to understand you have boundaries.

Your Investment

Jackie offers a range of professional development opportunities for individuals, small groups and organizations that can be delivered in various formats and at varying lengths, from half to full days, a series of workshops, keynotes, breakouts and lunch and learns. Each opportunity if curated to meet individual needs.

Jackie is happy to work within your budget and to custom design workshops and talk that meet your needs. Wren Leadership offers special rates for non-profit organizations.

Contact Jackie today to discuss timing, options and fee structures. You can reach her at:
e: info@wrenleadership.com t: +1 (647) 994-6562