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Wren Leadership is devoted to developing mindful leaders who are ready to make a difference in our world.

Why Wren? According to a German fable, the little wren became the king of birds because it proved it could fly the highest – this little bird used both mindfulness and creativity to soar to these heights. We invite you to learn more about how small changes can take you to greater heights as well.

Our Mission

To be fully present in all that we do – and to help others experience similar levels of mindful awareness and the success that flows from it. At Wren Leadership, we empower you to uncover, deepen and build upon your inner wisdom to access your true nature, free from the opposing forces that may be holding you back.

Like the wren, we know you can and will fly higher as you develop mindful awareness and understanding of your own leadership capabilities. Why not? It’s where you are intended to go!


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Meet Dr. Jackie Eldridge


An experienced teacher, teacher educator, administrator, speaker and coach, Jackie inspires and empowers leaders to be mindful agents for change.

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What people are saying

“Jackie is a skillful and experienced teacher of mindfulness practices, and has a deep understanding of how mindfulness practices can be brought into daily life.”

Jack Miller, Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The University of Toronto

“Jackie brings you back to earth about what is important; indeed essential, if we are to be successful leaders in our daily lives.”

Ainsley. B. Rose, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers

“Jackie taught a very inspirational course about fostering inclusion in the classroom. I appreciated her passion for inclusion, and I very much enjoyed her teacher presence. I cannot narrow one thing down about my learning, because there was too many! However, the most important learning for me is realizing the potential for inclusion by not only embracing this approach but believing in it also. I think it starts there, and this course has certainly inspired me to think of teaching and learning in more positive and inclusive ways. ”

Sierra D. Master of Teaching Program Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

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